Jacui is woman of faith and knows that every meal, every dollar, every day, every breath...  that every opportunity to share the Love of Jesus... comes from her Heavenly Father. One way He has provided is through generous givers like yourself. When you support In His Presence Ministries, you allow people from all around the world to hear the wonderful message of Grace and Mercy and how no one to too far gone for Jesus to reach them!
Below are two options for giving: Mail in a check or give online through the "eGiving" page for His Providence Church. Be sure  your name and address is included- which will be needed for your year end, non-profit contribution statement. In His Presence Ministries is a 501c3 non-proit organization.
Thanks again for your generosity and we will be sure to steward every penny for the advancement of the Glory and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!